Our master craftsman, Hamish Wynne also designs and builds beautiful, bsopoke furniture. Please visit hamishwynne.com for more details. In the mean time here is a taster…


Steam bent oak benches

Using traditional technics, I turned a heap of bone oak (oak that’s died and seasoned on tree) and several green oak butts into a pair of bespoke garden benches to sit around a Kadai fire bowl. The timber, as always, was sourced locally and fashioned by hand with a maul, wedges, a side axe and drawknives.

To create the curves of the bench back, I rivved down several green oak butts into rails, which were placed in a specially made steam box (in the middle of a field!) for 2 hours, then bent around metal jigs and left for a week. Bizarrely the process of steaming oak reduces moisture content and seasons the wood.

For more information, please read the following post on my blog –  curved oak benches


Weathered oak dining table

This mighty table is 7’6″ sq and seats twelve comfortably.  It was designed and built to mimick the aged oak beams, purlins and rafters of this fabulous 16th century barn. To achieve this aim weathered oak was sourced locally from the National Trust’s Ashridge Estate.

Due to the enormity and weight of the table top, a feat of engineering was required for the frame! Traditional mortice and tenon and dovetail joints were hand made and fixed with oak dowels and strong glue.

The weathering on the timber meant there were many beautiful shakes (natural cracks that occur during seasoning) that I was able to feature. All 25 timbers were finished by hand using traditional tools and techniques and as always given a coat of natural oils to bring out the grains.

Reclaimed oak 4 poster bed

This bespoke 4 poster is made from reclaimed oak, sourced locally in Hertfordshire, and was designed to fit into the existing oak framed structure of the house. All joints were hand made using traditional techniques, and the bed had to be constructed and assembled on site.