English larch fencing with waney edge

This fence is made from English larch sourced from Hengrove Wood, just above Wendover in Buckinghamshire. The timber is soured from 50 year old larch trees felled as part of a sustainable woodland management programme.

It is felled and then milled on site into waney edge boards and posts.

English larch is suitable for exterior construction due to its resinous content that helps to prevent rot due to weathering and when in contact with the ground.

The timber has beautiful yellow, pink and orange hues and releases sweet resinous smells in the warmth of the sun.


Sustainably sourced, both the oak and chestnut are green timber. The oak posts are sawn from oak butts using a mobile saw mill, the chestnut rails and pails are cleft in half by hand.

This fence offers an organic, rustic looking boundary solution that will retain its beauty through aging over many years.